Episode 38

Published on:

28th Jun 2022

S3E3: The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Captain America

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia discuss the character, Captain America, through the films, “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Captain America: Civil War.” They examine Captain America as an Enneagram Type One, “Striving to Feel Perfect,” and explore the moral and ethical questions raised in both films.

“I just found him incredibly inspiring, and I loved him, really. And I can see why he’s such a good example of how a healthy One is inspiring. They’re the kind of leader that you would follow until the end of the Earth.” - TJ Dawe [07:50]

“I just found it really interesting there. That this very clear and consistent Type Seven character was almost taking the position of what we would often think the One position would be.” - Mario Sikora [56:13]

“Sometimes Ones just need to take a little break, have a little fun. Captain doesn’t have a lot of fun and enjoyment in his life, so that was a nice moment of levity for him.” - TJ Ingrassia [1:09:44]


[00:01] Intro

[00:46] This week’s movies

[01:24] First movie: “Captain America: The First Avenger”

[05:50] Hosts’ response to the film

[09:34] How this character is not a Three

[16:40] Type One in the film

[21:43] References to “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

[25:27] A morally unambiguous movie

[28:29] Enneagram Types for the other characters

[31:39] Next film: Captain America: Civil War

[38:57] Hosts’ thoughts on the movie

[42:59] Tackling serious issues and ethical complexity

[55:29] Type Seven follows the rule

[59:04] Spider-Man’s Enneagram Type

[1:03:15] Other Enneagram Type examples

[1:08:22] Closing thoughts

[1:11:46] Outro

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