Episode 49

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20th Sep 2022

S3E14: Employee Picks - The Thin Red Line

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia are joined by Russ Hudson to discuss Mario’s all-time favorite movie, “The Thin Red Line.” The 1998 war film marked the return of director Terrence Malick, after 20 years from his last film. The four hosts discuss the higher Enneagram themes at play in the film as well as the Enneagram types of some of the characters.

“I think we’re meant not to see these people as individual hermetically-sealed identities moving against a static background, but there’s a certain fluidity. And I think the reason for the casting that way and not dwelling a long time on any single character was meant to put us into this framework of how we’re all kind of connected in all of this.” - Russ Hudson [29:04]

“I think there’s a very Four-ish theme in the film, is that there’s depth and beauty in every single person, regardless of the fact that many of them look alike, that they’re dressed alike, that they have to do the same thing.” - TJ Dawe [45:26]

“Step away from the judgment, because the judgment keeps us separated. But once we let go of the judgment, then we can find unity again.” - Mario Sikora [1:09:36]

“The first time I watched it, I was trying to decide if I thought Witt has some Four-ish stuff going on, because a lot of this feeling and affect from him honestly feels a lot like my wife who’s a Four. Just sort of this acception of the reality of what’s going on, and a deep empathy of humanity. Sort of a closeness to death, not even in a dark morose kind of way. Just a transcendence acceptance of the reality of death.” - TJ Ingrassia [1:31:16]


[00:01] Intro

[01:48] This week’s guest: Russ Hudson

[02:59] This week’s movie: “The Thin Red Line”

[03:38] Host’s general thoughts on the movie

[12:43] About the movie

[16:46] Where it stands among war movies

[27:30] The director, Terrence Malick

[28:44] Thoughts about the casting

[32:55] Witt as a Type Nine

[39:32] Wrestling with faith

[43:12] Bell’s Enneagram Type

[48:18] Sean Penn and Welsh as Type Eight

[53:58] Staros: Type Six or Nine?

[57:07] John Cusack, a classic Seven

[1:00:11] Higher aspects of Point Nine

[1:06:29] The Holy Ideas

[1:13:42] Six and Three themes in the film

[1:19:29] Four and Eight themes

[1:30:55] Final thoughts

[1:38:54] Outro

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