Episode 50

Published on:

27th Sep 2022

S3E15: Employee Picks - Interstellar

In the final episode of Season Three, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe, TJ Ingrassia and special guest Seth “Creek” Creekmore talk about “Interstellar,” directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey. Seth shares what inspired him to choose this film to discuss and why he thought the musical score by Composer Hans Zimmer was a beautiful contrast to the film.  In typical fashion, the four hosts explore the Enneagram types of the characters as well as the  themes of the film, which includes the value of human life.

It just feels like a Four inner journey for me. Like just the sweeping, large, expansive, but organic, dark and longing and uncertain. It’s just, I dunno. I think it just mirrors some part of myself back to me.” - Seth Creekmore [07:57]

“My guess is that Christopher Nolan is a Five, and it seemed like a pretty big Five-ish framing of love. Love is something that we can quantify, or even if there’s something mysterious about it, it’s a signifier of something we don’t get yet, implying that love is something that we can and should factor into our calculations.” - TJ Dawe [24:49]

“The script feels kind of Five-ish, but it’s being played by this guy who’s got this cool, chill Nine-ish vibe with some Seven-ish excitement and wonder.” - TJ Ingrassia [39:56]

“The whole movie was about Three stuff in my mind, because it was about aspiration.” - Mario Sikora [43:05]


[00:01] Intro

[01:14] This week’s guest: Seth Creekmore

[05:55] This week’s movie: “Interstellar”

[08:28] Hosts’ history with the movie

[13:50] About the film

[17:14] Hosts’ thoughts on the film

[22:12] The is-ought argument

[23:59] Selling love

[30:08] The movie’s score

[32:53] Mann’s Enneagram Type

[36:12] Matthew McConaughey’s and Cooper’s Enneagram Type

[42:47] The movie’s Type Three themes

[45:24] Tension between transmitting and preserving

[50:44] Brand’s and Romilly’s Enneagram Type

[54:04] TARS’ and Murph’s Enneagram Type

[58:03] The value of human life

[1:03:18] Final thoughts on the film

[1:11:53] Outro

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