Episode 48

Published on:

12th Sep 2022

S3E13: Employee Picks - Groundhog Day

In this episode, María José Munita returns to the podcast to talk with Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia about their favorite movie, “Groundhog Day.” The four discuss the psychospiritual elements and philosophical themes in the film as well as the Enneagram types for the main characters. They also talk about how the film illustrates the process of growth.

“Without the explanation, he’s sort of protagonist and antagonist at the same time, and so it just focuses on him and his experience. I think it’s much for the better that they didn’t go down that road.” - TJ Ingrassia [17:24]

“That’s what happens with Nines. They can say the worst thing to you and they will sound nice anyways most times.” - María José Munita [28:45]

“The thought that came with that is the dawning of curiosity comes after you’ve hit the wall. And so much personal work comes, not when somebody else tells us that we should do it or you see a list online or something like that, but when you reach a point where you just have to have that moment of clarity, that conversation with yourself of like what’s going on?” - TJ Dawe [1:03:45]

“María José was talking about how change feels uncomfortable and unnatural. I like to use the analogy of wearing someone else’s clothes. It’s just doesn’t feel quite right.” - Mario Sikora [1:05:32]


[00:00] Intro

[00:34] This week’s guest: María José Munita

[01:40] This week’s movie: “Groundhog Day”

[04:56] Movie as memes

[07:16] About the movie

[11:39] Thoughts on the philosophical themes 

[19:46] Interesting casting ideas

[20:38] Rita as a Type Nine

[32:54] Phil’s Enneagram Type

[55:55] Bill Murray as a Type Four

[1:00:43] The path to growth

[1:09:42] Phil as a One, Four and an Eight

[1:13:39] Outro

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