Episode 47

Published on:

30th Aug 2022

S3E12: Employee Picks - The Shawshank Redemption

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia are joined by special guests, Clay Tumey, author of “The Blue Chip Store: How Bank Robbery Changed My Life,” and Susan Olesek, founder of Enneagram Prison Project. The panel of five discuss the 1994 drama, “The Shawshank Redemption,” starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. With the film set in a prison, Clay draws from his experience in prison while Susan explores her work with incarcerated people and the Enneagram to not only look at the movie about a man who is wrongfully accused of murder, but to also examine it as a story of a person who’s trapped in a personality.

“I also thought that with this character captured better than almost anything I’ve seen about the Fives is the tenderness at the heart of the Type Five. This sweetness, this kindness that most people don’t get to see because what they see is the detached piece.” - Mario Sikora [35:36]

“There’s so much generosity in the Five, and I love that you’re highlighting it because I think that’s why we love the Five so much.” - Susan Olesek [38:21]

“I just didn’t buy it from him in terms of feeling like he really meant it. It almost felt like he was more using that as a cover to just have power over people. But that could speak to his unhealthier… That’s a way an unhealthy one would use some of that is they don’t really believe it for themselves. They just believe it for other people or something.” - TJ Ingrassia [1:01:40]

“Captain Hadley, he embodies everything that I appreciate about Type Eight, even when he’s beating the hell out of people. The thing that I appreciate is I never have to wonder, almost never have to wonder where I stand with the Type Eight.” - Clay Tumey [1:08:07]

“That got me thinking, this movie works as a metaphor for being in any life situation that you believe you’re stuck in, and there’s a better life somewhere on the horizon. How do I get there? And one of the ways, certainly not the only way, but the Andy Dufresne way, is a little bit at a time.” - TJ Dawe [1:21:46]



[00:01] Intro

[00:47] Our special guests, Clay Tumey and Susan Olesek

[07:26] Why this week’s movie:  “The Shawshank Redemption”

[14:03] About the movie

[19:26] Hosts’ reactions to the film

[21:15] The casting

[23:18] Andy Dufresne as Type Five

[35:??] Generosity in Type Five

[38:29] “If I Didn't Care” by Ink Spots

[40:43] Chip’s book, “The Blue Chip Store”

[44:00] Red’s Enneagram Type

[49:27] Brooks as Type Nine

[50:17] Warden Norton’s Enneagram Type

[1:02:00] It’s about feeling perfect

[1:05:15] Captain Hadley as Type Eight

[1:11:00] Tommy’s Enneagram Type

[1:21:04] Why is this movie universally beloved?

[1:24:41] Outro

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