Episode 46

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23rd Aug 2022

S3E11: Employee Picks - Fearless

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe, and TJ Ingrassia are joined by special guest Nhien Vuong to discuss the 1993 film, “Fearless, directed by Peter Weir and starring Jeff Bridges, Rosie Perez and Isabella Rossellini. While the four hosts discuss the character’s Enneagram Types, they also explore the themes in the film, such as managing change based on trauma, and what the Enneagram teaches about the fundamental human dynamics. They look into the inner triangle of the Enneagram, particularly the Core Qualities.

“This is not a movie that has a logic to it. It is an experience.” - Mario Sikora [11:50]

“I think by your definition that this movie is a poem. Nobody speaks in poetic language, but it isn’t a linear narrative. It is a linear narrative, although there’s a number of flashbacks. It is about something that happens to a person, but it’s more a meditation on or an exploration of a theme or any number of themes.” - TJ Dawe [42:29]

“Actually, as you were sharing about interdependence, I really touched to hear you and both of the TJs share. It is striking how this conversation is so beyond the movie itself, but what touched you is a window into you.” - Nhien Vuong [54:28]

“It’s like he survived the crash and woke up in this dimension where he has access to these newer insights. He doesn’t want to live like a coward anymore. He doesn’t want to be ruled by fear anymore, but I think there’s a big tie in humanity in general between genius and madness. If you want the genius component, there’s going to be some madness that goes along with it.” - TJ Ingrassia [18:09]


[00:01] Intro

[00:52] Our special guest, Nhien Vuong

[02:54] Hosts’ background with Peter Weir’s films

[04:19] This week’s movie: “Fearless”

[08:05] Hosts’ reactions to the movie

[13:07] Real lasting change based on trauma

[19:33] Christian references in the film

[22:06] The characters’ Enneagram types

[25:26] John Turturro as Dr. Bill Perlman

[26:05] The inner triangle of the enneagram

[27:38] Jeff Bridges’ and Max’s Enneagram Type

[33:17] Key themes of this movie

[42:07] This movie is a poem

[44:09] Rosie Perez as Carla

[51:55] The interdependence of love

[56:52] Theme of death and rebirth

[1:06:38] Max as a Three, an One, a Four and an Eight

[1:11:46] How to contact Nhien

[1:12:23] Outro

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