Episode 45

Published on:

16th Aug 2022

S3E10: Employee Picks - The Princess Bride

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia discuss the 1987 film, “The Princess Bride,” and reveal how easy it can be to look at a film and  interpret it differently. The hosts examine the Enneagram Types for each character, at times not agreeing. Is Iñigo Montoya a Type Three or Type Four? What Enneagram Type do they see for Wallace Shawn’s Vizzini? Why was Andre the Giant’s character, Fezzik, the perfect Type Nine? Listen as the hosts share their thoughts on these and other characters.

“I thought Count Rugen was maybe the one of the best Fives I’ve ever seen in a movie. Talk about detached.” - TJ Dawe [29:18]

“The Navigating One, I think, is a subtype that’s often misunderstood. Other people call this the Social One, and people have a tendency to think the so-called Social One is a reformer. Somebody who wants to change the world. That’s not what’s going on here.” - Mario Sikora [33:24]

“If I had a thousand years with this movie, I never would have guessed One. I had her as a Four all day long, and maybe part of this is because… I might be biased, because my wife is a Four. And I felt like I was watching my wife through the course of this film.” - TJ Ingrassia [35:53]


[00:01] Intro

[00:29] This week’s movie: “The Princess Bride”

[07:52] About the movie

[12:44] The director, Rob Reiner, and the casting

[19:01] Andre the Giant as Fezzik, a Type Nine

[23:10] Wallace Shawn as Vizzini

[29:15] Count Rugen as Type Five

[32:04] Robin Wright as Buttercup

[39:55] Westley’s Enneagram Type

[44:26] Iñigo Montoya: Type Three or Type Four?

[51:59] Miracle Max’s Enneagram Type

[52:41] Overall tone of the movie

[55:42] William Goldman and his Enneagram Type

[57:57] Westley and Buttercup as a One, a Four, or an Eight?

[1:02:21] Outro

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