Episode 44

Published on:

9th Aug 2022

S3E9: Employee Picks - Bridesmaids

In this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia discuss the 2011 movie, “Bridesmaids,” starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne. The three hosts explore the film about status and friendships and examine the characters’ Enneagram Types. Listen as they debate which Enneagram Type is Wiig’s character, Annie. Is she a Type Six or a Type Two? Mario also introduces new categories to discuss the Enneagram themes in the movie.

“This is what’s so interesting about the Enneagram is the external traits can look so similar. It’s a fictional film and so different types can be reacting exactly the same way. We don’t necessarily have access to her internal drives and childhood traumas and all this kind of stuff, so it could just be a… It’s a bit of a Rorschach test.” - TJ Ingrassia [14:27]

“I think Nine-ish characters are very common as the heroes in Judd Apatow flicks, because they’re just these easygoing, unambitious, salt-of-the-earth kind of guys that you just can’t help but like.” - Mario Sikora [36:49]

“That’s another side of Eights that people don’t often see because Eights present themselves as so tough. That they didn’t necessarily just stride through life like Conan the Barbarian smashing down obstacles with their club at every turn. Eights can be bullied.” - TJ Dawe [45:48]


[00:01] Intro 

[00:28] This week’s movie: “Bridesmaids”

[02:17] About the movie

[05:08] Hosts’ reactions to the movie

[11:05] Annie’s Enneagram Type

[20:15] Helen’s Enneagram Type

[26:13] Ted as Type Three

[30:15] Officer Rhodes’ Enneagram Type

[38:59] Judd Apatow: A Type Six and a Navigating Type

[40:17] Rebel Wilson as Brynn, the roommate

[42:29] Megan’s Enneagram Type

[47:42] Introducing categories to the podcast

[57:57] Lillian’s Enneagram Type

[58:27] Overall theme of bonding and friendship

[1:02:30] Outro

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