Episode 27

Published on:

31st Jan 2022

S2E8: Spike Lee and Enneagram Type 1 (Part 1)

Mario, TJ are joined by special guest Milton Stewart, an Enneagram facilitator, teacher, and coach, as they explore Enneagram Type One, “Striving to Feel Perfect,” through Spike Lee’s films and the director himself. Starting with “Do the Right Thing,” they discuss the prolific director’s approach in exploring race relations, urban crime, and other political issues. 

“Anger is an emotion of the One, and it’s a different kind of anger than we see in the Eight.” - Mario Sikora [16:40]

“It’s not something that is necessarily widely known, but he has been very consistent in making sure that there’s a lot of Black people behind the scenes in his movies as well as in front of the camera.” - TJ Dawe [31:15]

“How it ends literally gives you the moral of what we should be thinking about and doing. To look at dealing with things when it comes to violence and how to actually solve problems and issues.” - Milton Stewart [44:29]


[00:04] Intro

[00:57] Our special guest, Milton Stewart

[02:16] The featured director: Spike Lee

[04:26] The hosts’ thoughts on Spike Lee’s movies

[10:52] Enneagram Type 1

[15:59] Anger is an emotion of the 1

[18:34] The subtypes

[23:01] Seeing the world as it is

[28:16] About Spike Lee

[33:17] First movie: “Do the Right Thing”

[37:23] Hosts’ reactions to the film

[41:46] Type One themes

[49:34] Trash can through the window

[54:04] Buggin Out and Giancarlo Esposito

[55:15] Final thoughts

[1:00:44] Outro

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