Episode 26

Published on:

24th Jan 2022

S2 E7: Wes Anderson and Enneagram Type Four (Part 2)

Mario and TJ continue their conversation exploring Enneagram Type Four, “Striving to Feel Unique,” through the films of Wes Anderson. Wes’ individualistic body of work in the last 25 years has his distinct fingerprints in his writing, his directing style and the unique aesthetic filled with vivid primary colors. Join us as Mario and TJ discuss “The Royal Tenenbaums,” “Moonlight Kingdom,” and “Isle of Dogs.”

“I think Suzy is one of the great Fours in, not only in Wes Anderson’s body of work, but in film in general.” - TJ Dawe [33:47]

“And this is one of the things that struck me in this movie, it’s this fight against the replacement of reality of live, worthwhile creatures with soulless robots, which is the Four’s biggest fear of losing their individuality, their animus in a sense of who they are.” - Mario Sikora [42:49]


[00:04] Intro

[00:33] “The Royal Tenenbaums”

[05:48] About the cast

[12:24] A comedy with real darkness

[14:30] The music in the film

[19:40] “Moonlight Kingdom"

[26:29] Anderson’s turn of direction towards the exotic

[29:49] Bill Murray’s performance and Suzy’s suitcase

[34:12] Bonds of shared sadness and tragedy

[37:25] “Isle of Dogs”

[43:16] The influence of Japanese culture and film

[44:18] The relationship between the boy and his dog

[50:31] Meta storytelling and Enneagram Type Four in Japanese culture

[54:15] The beauty in the rejected

[58:13] Hosts’ final thoughts

[1:00:34] Outro

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