Episode 31

Published on:

28th Feb 2022

S2E12: Martin Scorsese and Enneagram Type 6 (Part 1)

Mario and TJ are joined by special guest, Russ Hudson, to discuss the films of Martin Scorsese through the lens of Enneagram Type 6, “Striving to Feel Secure.” A common theme in Martin’s films is looking for solid ground, but never trusting that the ground is solid. The hosts start the discussion with the films, “Mean Streets” and “After Hours” and also explore how Martin might be a Type Six himself.

“As Russ and Don Riso said in ‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram,’ Sixes are a bundle of contradictions. Anything you can say about a Six, the opposite also applies. So Sixes can often have a hard time finding themselves with a system like the Enneagram because they’re sweet and they’re sour.” - TJ Dawe [03:26]

“You can’t understand Martin Scorsese’s film if you don’t understand his devotion and the enormity of the imprint of Catholicism on him.” - Russ Hudson [23:45]

“It almost seems as if movies are his place of refuge by immersing himself in films. ‘This is where I feel ok.’ And this is what I think has made him such a brillant, brilliant filmmaker.” - Mario Sikora [30:27]


[00:04] Intro

[02:24] What it means to be a Type Six

[09:30] Our special guest, Russ Hudson

[10:45] The featured director: Martin Scorsese

[12:59] Hosts’ feelings and experiences with the films

[19:04] Scorsese’s Enneagram type

[28:32] Exploration of where to find safety

[31:12] First movie: “Mean Streets”

[33:46] Six-ish themes in the movie

[42:15] Two opposing sides of the Six psyche

[47:49] Next movie: “After Hours”

[55:50] Enneagram Type 6 and Manhattan in the era

[1:00:33] The element of chance, luck and fate

[1:04:30] There’s really bad stuff out there

[1:08:38] Outro

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