Episode 29

Published on:

14th Feb 2022

S2E10: Steven Spielberg and Enneagram Type 7 (Part 1)

Mario and TJ are joined by special guest Tom Condon, author of The Enneagram Movie & Video Guide, to discuss Enneagram Type Seven, “Striving to Feel Excited,” through the films of Steven Spielberg. They discuss why Spielberg is a Type Seven and explore the two of his films, “Jaws” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“You can type somebody from afar, even if you don’t know them. What you need is enough information. And you have to sort of keep going at it, and you have to know what the difference is between a clue and a conclusion. But Spielberg was actually pretty easy.” - Tom Condon [05:50]

“Absolutely, this idea of moving away from pain is something that is a theme of Seven and absolutely, a theme of Spielberg’s. I would actually say that that’s one of his shortcomings as a filmmaker is this inability to sit with ambiguity or sorrow at the end of a movie.” - Mario Sikora [17:53]

“One of the things in it that really shines for me as a big hallmark of Steven Spielberg’s directing and a big link to him being a Seven is just how much energy there is on the screen.” - TJ Dawe [26:40]


[00:04] Intro

[00:56] Our special guest, Tom Condon

[01:52] The featured director: Steven Spielberg

[02:55] Enneagram Type Seven

[05:37] Typing Steven Spielberg as a Seven

[12:49] The theme on absentee fathers

[17:47] The idea of moving away from pain

[21:03] First movie: “Jaws”

[26:10] Hosts’ thoughts on Jaws

[31:07] TJ’s experience with Richard Dreyfuss

[34:17] More facts about the movie

[40:19] “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

[48:40] Hosts’ thoughts on the film

[50:52] The pace of the movie

[55:17] This desire to please

[59:16] Great moments of humor

[1:01:52] Outro

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