Episode 35

Published on:

4th Apr 2022

S2E17: Reese Witherspoon and Enneagram Type 3 (Part 2)

In the final episode of Season 2, Mario, TJ and María José Munita continue their discussion on the Enneagram Type 3, “Striving to Feel Outstanding,” through the films of Reese Witherspoon as an actress and producer. They explore the films, “Gone Girl” and “Wild.” They discuss how the two films provide a comprehensive view of the complexity of the Three while ending with completely opposite tones.

“I think there were a lot of navigating themes in here, but with the understanding that just because somebody’s navigating doesn’t mean they’re good at it.” - Mario Sikora [03:29]

“Finding your best self and it’s also some Three thing. It’s like be my best version of myself.” - María José Munita [45:18]

“But it is very much like the hero’s journey, like she starts like not quite ready, and she ends much more capable than she was, not having know if she could do it.” - TJ Dawe [50:01]


[00:04] Intro

[00:32] Subtypes of Reese’s characters so far

[05:44] The next movie: “Gone Girl”

[10:19] Different ways of looking at society

[14:21] Why Nick stayed

[17:53] Other characters that represent Type Three

[21:36] Theme of the loneliness of Threes

[25:22] Amy gets robbed and the ending

[28:52] The last movie: “Wild”

[33:52] Mario’s reaction

[35:11] What was Three-ish about this movie

[42:24] The mother as a Type Nine

[43:09] Example of how dangerous the world is for women

[45:27] How we see ourselves vs how others see us

[48:33] Getting better at something

[51:45] The quiet personal victory

[53:42] Hosts’ final thoughts

[57:28] Outro

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