Episode 34

Published on:

28th Mar 2022

S2E16: Reese Witherspoon and Enneagram Type 3 (Part 1)

Mario and TJ are joined by podcast co-founder and Season 1 co-host María José Munita to discuss the Enneagram Type 3, “Striving to Feel Outstanding,” through the films of Reese Witherspoon. While Reese hasn’t directed a movie yet, the three hosts explore her films in her role as an actress and producer, starting with “Legally Blonde” and “Election.”

“She was clearly competitive. And this is something I see in healthy Threes is they’re competitive, and they want to win, but they don’t care about whether or not the other person loses.” - Mario Sikora [33:55]

“And I also saw how much of a good friend she was. And that’s my experience with a lot of Threes as well, really, really good friends.” - María José Munita [35:01]

“‘Gone Girl’ explores this in way more depth, but a big theme in this movie and in a lot of movies about Threes is the emptiness of accomplishments if those accomplishments are not done coming from the heart.” - TJ Dawe [1:10:37]


[00:04] Intro

[00:52] The return of María José Munita

[01:42] Why Reese Witherspoon

[08:55] About Reese Witherspoon

[13:51] Enneagram Type Three

[18:43] The subtypes

[19:41] How Three-ish the US is

[22:50] Uplifting others

[26:53] The first movie: “Legally Blonde”

[30:19] Hosts’ reactions to the film

[39:34] Other Three-ish things in the film

[45:37] Type Three central theme: Finding your vocation

[46:29] Next movie: “Election”

[50:33] About the movie

[57:41] What was Three-ish about “Election”

[1:06:56] All about purpose and his goal

[1:07:52] Reframing in Jim McAllister

[1:09:23] The loneliness of Threes

[1:13:51] Alternative ending

[1:15:24] Outro

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