Episode 33

Published on:

14th Mar 2022

S2E14: David Fincher and Enneagram Type 5 (Part 1)

In this episode, Mario and TJ discuss the films of David Fincher to explore Enneagram Type Five, “Striving to Feel Detached.” They discuss the darker side of Fives that are evident in the films, “Seven” and “The Fight Club.” Although it should be noted that not all Fives are as dark and disturbed. They also discuss what makes Fincher a Five himself with the interesting dichotomy in his approach.

“And this is one of the reasons why the Five seeks to emotionally detach from things, because there’s that fatalistic mindset, ‘How can you possibly go on if you allow your emotions, you know, to get in the way of it?’” - Mario Sikora [37:25]

“I think Fives have a real cynical view. Like both Fives and Fours do experience life as outsiders. They’re both very withdrawal types, and there’s a strong difference… In general, I think Fours interpret their outsiderness more as… well the emotional response to that is sadness. And for Fives, seething cynicism.” - TJ Dawe [08:54]


[00:04] Intro

[00:46] The featured director: David Fincher

[01:18] Enneagram Type Five

[04:59] The relationship between Points Five and Eight

[06:43] The core quality of the Five: intuition

[07:55] Difference between the darkness of Four and Five

[11:07] About David Fincher

[19:43] No happy endings and intellectual arrogance

[25:10] The first movie: “Seven”

[28:32] Enneagram themes in the film

[34:27] Solving a puzzle

[39:59] John Doe the killer

[47:10] The closing credits

[49:45] “The Game”

[51:09] The next movie: “The Fight Club”

[58:55] A movie about toxic masculinity

[1:00:22] Five-ish themes in the movie

[1:05:29] A theme of Preserving Five

[1:06:45] Marla Singer and Tyler’s soap 

[1:09:35] Clues towards the reveal

[1:13:43] Outro

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