Episode 24

Published on:

10th Jan 2022

S2 E5: Michael Mann and Enneagram Type Eight (Part 2)

Join us as we continue our conversation with special guests, Tom Condon and Russ Hudson. We explore the work of director Michael Mann and Enneagram Type Eight, “Striving to Feel Powerful,” through the film, “Heat.” Michael is known for his sweeping, visually arresting movies that explore conflict and the contrast between the need for autonomy vs the demands of society.

“There’s a lot of Eight films that deal with this decision point of self-preservation versus connection, of staying with what I know how to do versus the risk of getting out of the game.” - Russ Hudson [19:43]

“So he’s got a tender heart beneath this powerful exterior, and it’s very easy for Eights to be presented in a movie or in an Enneagram workshop as if they’re made of rock, as if there wasn’t that layer of tenderness that’s there underneath.” - TJ Dawe [22:52]

“One thing that is, I don’t know, to me makes sense in terms of Eights in relation to themselves, is that they try to overpower their vulnerabilities and bully their own vulnerabilities in a way that is meant to keep them safe.” - Tom Condon  [24:18]

“That Eights, when it comes right down to it, don’t feel alive if they don’t have a challenge.” - Mario Sikora [37:48]


[00:04] Intro

[00:32] About the film, “Heat”

[04:25] Thoughts on “Heat”

[11:20] Themes of Enneagram Type Eight in the film

[17:35] The tenderness of Eight

[24:56] What it’s like working with Michael Mann

[27:16] The sex worker’s mom comes to the crime scene

[30:00] “Manhunter,” “The Last of the Mohicans,” “Ali”

[37:00] The love of an intense challenge

[39:48] Final thoughts on Michael Mann and Enneagram Type Eight

[44:33] Outro

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