Episode 23

Published on:

3rd Jan 2022

S2 E4: Michael Mann and Enneagram Type Eight (Part 1)

Director Michael Mann is known for his sweeping, visually arresting movies that explore conflict and the contrast between the need for autonomy vs the demands of society. Two of his films in particular, “Thief” and “Heat,” are like a deep-dive into the psyche of Enneagram Type Eight. Join us and our special guests, Tom Condon and Russ Hudson, as we explore Mann’s work and Enneagram Type Eight, “Striving to Feel Powerful,” in depth.

“When an Eight’s been doing their work, they have a sense of honor. The word is their bond. They’re empowering. They can make excellent mentors and protective figures. They are merciful, kind, generous, openhearted, tender, letting themselves be touched by the world, and they still have the energy and the power and the strength they had before.” - TJ Dawe [11:07]

“One of the ways you’re talking about being on top. One of the other ways that I understand it and have heard it from Eights is in terms of size. In other words, I need to be big in order to compensate for feeling small, for feeling numb, for feeling overlooked, for feeling not cared for. I’m on my own in this tough doggy dog world.” - Tom Condon [23:11]

“The other big thing with Eights is loyalty.” - Russ Hudson [36:45]

“I think in other times, you’re absolutely right, that speaking stilly and quietly and directly is a form of power, right? ‘I don’t need to yell.’” - Mario Sikora [50:31]


[00:04] Intro

[00:59] Our special guests, Tom Condon and Russ Hudson

[03:04] The featured director: Michael Mann

[09:17] Enneagram Type Eight

[16:22] Feeling numb, avoiding vulnerability, and vengeance

[21:02] The relationship to the Connecting Points Two and Five

[25:46] “The Jericho Mile”

[28:46] “Thief”

[33:48] What is Eight-ish about this movie

[40:54] Frank’s survival strategy

[46:34] The system is corrupt

[51:39] Another Eight value: Realism

[54:19] The common theme of men at work

[59:50] Other Eight-ish scenes in “Thief”

[1:01:57] Outro

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