Episode 15

Published on:

29th Apr 2021

S1E15: “The Subtypes at the Movies”

S1E15: “The Subtypes at the Movies” Now that the podcast has covered the three instinctual biases and the nine strategies, Mario, Maria Jose, and Tamer explore what happens when the two intersect and create “subtypes.” They discuss the relationship between the strategies and instinctual biases, as well as common misunderstandings about the subtypes—especially what happens when the IB and strategies reinforce each other and when they contradict each other. They then discuss examples of characters from the movies they have discussed that illustrate these dynamics.

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The Enneagram in a Movie
The Enneagram in a Movie Podcast is a fun and informative way to take a deep dive into understanding the Enneagram.

In the third season of The Enneagram in a Movie podcast, Mario Sikora and TJ Dawe are joined by TJ Ingrassia to explore themes related to the Enneagram in a variety of movies, starting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You’ll never see movies—or the Enneagram—the same way!