Episode 52

Published on:

7th Feb 2023

S4 E2: Navigating - Mean Girls and Goodfellas

In this episode we discuss the Navigating Instinctual Bias through the films Mean Girls and Goodfellas, two movies that have surely never been discussed as having anything to do with each other. Listen to find out why we think they're a perfect match!

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The Enneagram in a Movie
The Enneagram in a Movie Podcast is a fun and informative way to take a deep dive into understanding the Enneagram.

In the third season of The Enneagram in a Movie podcast, Mario Sikora and TJ Dawe are joined by TJ Ingrassia to explore themes related to the Enneagram in a variety of movies, starting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You’ll never see movies—or the Enneagram—the same way!