Episode 41

Published on:

19th Jul 2022

S3E6: Employee Picks - Grease

Starting with this episode, Mario Sikora, TJ Dawe and TJ Ingrassia will select two films they would like to discuss each week from an Enneagram perspective. This week's film, selected by TJ Dawe, is the 1978 musical, “Grease,” about two teenagers whose summer romance unexpectedly carries into the school year. The hosts examine the Enneagram Types of each character in the film from Danny Zuko to Patty Simcox and discuss why “Grease” has spoken to so many people so consistently through the years.

“I felt like the most developed, I don’t know about normal, but human sort of character was Rizzo. I connected with her, I think, more than any other character.” - TJ Ingrassia [19:56]

“This movie was clearly a fantasy, but it also speaks to the ideal of self-delusion and fooling ourselves and filling our heads with stories about how the world is.” - Mario Sikora [29:06]

“I think it’s reflective of the fact that culture is dynamic and that we as individuals are dynamic. And not only is it ok, it’s actually beneficial to look back at what were things that were ok in the past, whether it was culturally or just for me.” - TJ Dawe [44:18]


[00:01] Intro

[00:40] This week’s movie: “Grease”

[01:37] Why “Grease”

[04:15] A reflection of the time

[07:49] About “Grease”

[10:39] Hosts’ response to the film

[16:35] ​​The characters’ Enneagram Types

[29:05] John Travolta and Danny Zuko

[39:46] At the drive-in

[43:41] Culture is dynamic

[47:15] Final thoughts on “Grease”

[50:30] Next week’s movie: “Birdman”

[51:56] Outro

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