Episode 11

Published on:

1st Apr 2021

S1E11: “Defending Your Life” and the Ennea-Type Six, Striving to Feel Secure

S1E11: “Defending Your Life” and Ennea-Type Six, Striving to Feel Secure. We all face fear and uncertainty and seek ways to create a sense of security; for Sixes, this can become a central focus of their approach to life. “Defending Your Life,” a romantic comedy starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep, centers on Daniel Miller (Brooks) finding himself in the afterlife and coming face to face with how he managed his fears during his life on earth, and his efforts to overcome them while in Judgment City. Mario, Maria Jose, and Tamer discuss this movie—also written and directed by Brooks, a probable Six in real life—which basically answers the question “What is it like to live inside the head of a Six.

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